Sunday, July 1, 2018

Chewy Review!

Miss Natalie asked if I would likes to try something from the

line of products.....YES!

There were A TON of products to choose from, I had a hard time choosing

Can I please show the good anipals what I gots???
Hmm....that doesn't look like treaties....
What The Dog is this??

VITAMINS???!!!!  pffffffft!
Waits.....why does that say 'SENIOR' on it??
Explain yourself Ma.....

Okay, according to your Vet,  you are a 'Senior" at the age of  7.

You are almost 10.


Got it?
yeah, yeah, I guess I could use some extra UMPH sometimes....

you can bigify to see all the good stuffs in these vitamins
Nice job opening them Ma....geesh.
Nice size......(do you see what I'm doin'....shhhh don't tells Ma.....)
Ma went to close the jar, and saw what I was 'up to' in the previous pic!
I LICKED them all!
BOL!!!!  Wells, they were VERY tasty!
I gets TWO a day, butts start at half the dose at furst.

What did I likes about them?


they are TASTY as all get out!

They are made with HUMAN GRADE ingredients in a FDA approved factory!
(maybe I should hide these from Ma....)

They are TURKEY flavored

and you can chew them, or your peeps can crumble them on your foods!

did I mention they are delish??

If you wants to gets some of these TASTY vitamins
(they make formulas for all doggies and kittehs!)

you have the fastest and bestest service evers!

disclaimer:  I was given a bottle of these vitamins to try, and review.  No green papers or blingy collars were given in exchange for my opinion.  All opinions and slobbers are my own. 

Edit:  I messed up with the 'scheduling' of the post.  It was suppose to publish yesterday, but....
yeah.  Sorry Miss Natalie. ☺


  1. I hope the vitamins give you TONS more energy and keep you healthy forever, Ruby!

  2. Yummy things that keep you healthy are important!

  3. We got those same vitamins because there are a lot of seniors in this house. They taste really good and we don't even care that they're good for us.

  4. It's not bad to take medicine that is good for you as long as they taste like a treat. You did a great review Ruby.

  5. Your Mom was smarter than ours as she selected a "healthy" Only Natural product. But we were glad she picked the jerky, and of course, they are good for us too:)

    Lightning is now a Senior at 7 so maybe Mom needs to go back to and get him some of those energy boosters:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  6. Ruby what in the world is it with this "Senior" mess. I tell ya girlfriend they could just leave that off the label or at least the peeps could cover it. I recently rec'd my Senior Pet Wellness Exam card. Like I don't know I'm 16!!!
    Now my mailman knows I'm a Senior and so does the entire post office for my zip cod. D I G U S T I N G. I'm gonna mail mom something addressed to The Old Gray Senior Mare
    Hugs madi your bffff

  7. At least you had pictures on your post. We finks those vitamins sound good. mags and gus

  8. We love turkey so these vitamins might be just perfect for us. Genius move licking them all! BOL! BOL!

  9. It is SO cute that you licked them all, Ruby. That tells us that they REALLY are delish!

  10. You licked them Oh, do they taste as good as a cheese burger?
    Maybe my ma will order me some too.
    xo Astro and Mitzie

  11. Those look like some delicious yum yum doggie treats, even if they have vitamins in them! If you are a senior at age 7, that might make me an old fart at age 9. (Don't tell my dearest Princess Leah that I'm a senior.)

  12. Oooh, ooh, we like the idea of human grade. Welcome to the world of us seniors, Ruby. It's a good reminder for Sam too who is closing in on 13. Nice job with this month's Chewy's box!

  13. Turkey flavored?!?! YUMERZ!!!!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  14. Those look VERY nommy..and good for you too!!
    Arty, Jakey and Rosy

  15. We get it Ruby...we are all "seniors" here too. Sounds like some pretty good vitamins...we will have to give them a try! Looking good there Ruby! :)


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