Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Wordy Wednesday


Did you miss me??!

Of  COURSE you did!!! BOL!

Sorry abouts the absence, butts Ma just got under the weather, 

butts, she says she's feelin' betters.


What does she do??

Gives me a BATH and a AireCut!!!!!


Yups...I look THRILLED, huh? ☺

hey, at least there was no blood this time!

Then I gots to play with my bubbles!   I LOVES my bubbles! 


so sorry I have been gone....I tried to do a bloggie postie myself, 

butts I thinks I am now on the DHS watch list ~

something abouts Terrierist plot against tree rats.

I might needs a good lawyer and a safe house.

I will catch up with all your bloggies, and see what I missed!

I hear Madi's seahorse broke into my margarita truck....

gotta gets a new lock 


  1. Betcha wish Mom were still sick and you still had all your furs.

  2. gosh you was scalped Ruby but you still look adorable,xx Speedy

  3. Hey there Ruby! The haircut looks great! I get nervous when mum comes anywhere near me with the clippers.. hee hee ;) But I really love bubbles too!! Lots of love - your friend Morrie!

  4. I'm glad your mom feels better... butt I wonder why humans always start the worst stuff as soon as they are out of the wood... is that an aftereffect of humanoid recovery?

  5. Hari OM
    Well I DID miss ya Rubes and am glad that mum is mended... but goodness me, you surely had a close shave... hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  6. And you do look beautiful, Ruby! I hope all of that work didn't put your mom right back in the bed!

  7. Great looking cut! Did you run around like a crazy dog to dry off? My furry buddies at home co CRAZY after a bath - full of energy!

  8. You look GREAT, though, Ruby! We did miss you. TONS!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  9. The Evil Squirrel Cartel should be the ones on the DHS watch list! Obviously they turned the tables on you!

  10. Oh Ruby...mas are not supposed to get sick! Geeeez we are sorry but we are glad she is feeling better BUT dang girl that didn't mean she had to give you a bath and steal your furs. GEEEEZ

    MOLMOLMOL yes that seahorse behaved like a drunken sailor on leave.
    Mom locked him up and threw away the key
    Hugs madi your bfff

  11. We missed you but you look beautiful. You can come hide out with us. No one would try to sort out a big group like us. Then you could eat cupcakes too.

  12. Love the summer haircut! Bet you are feeling much cooler now!

  13. Yippy!!!!! So tail wagging happy dat you are back and dat your mom feels better.

  14. You are looking great, Ruby - Ma did a good job. Tell her we sure hope she is feeling much better.

    Madi's seahorse really knows how to live the good llife:)

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  15. Welcome back. SHE's under the weather, too. We think SHE might use it as an excuse for an abbreviated walk! Can't believe that your Ma's first thought when feeling better was to torture you! There's something wrong there....

  16. Yay! It's Ruby and she's baaaaack!! We were so afraid that you had gone to hideout with Frankie and Ernie. We miss them so much. I'm glad that your mom is better but a haircut and a bath is a great way to get a relapse. (Be sure she knows this. wink-wink)

  17. must be the time of year for mom's. you do look very pretty with your new air-cut!
    Hazel & Mabel

  18. I understand - my Mom was sick all last week and no fun at all. At least I didn't get a baff when she felt better.

    Abby Lab

  19. I am so happy to see your smiling face again

    Pocket and River Song

  20. You're looking great Ruby. We're glad to hear there was no bloodshed during your grooming.

  21. Sorry to hear your mum was under the weather but glad she's obviously feeling better if she can water torture you. BTW, you look 'mahvelous, dahling!' Happy weekend bubbles!

  22. we sure missed you gurl. sorry your ma wasn't feeling well, but glad she's better, but sorry she's feeling well enough to give you a bath AND haircut! BOL
    thanks for the crate training tips. we are coming along, slowly but surely. i think the size of the crate helps it not feel so confining. there's loads of room to move around in it.
    oh and bee's feeling much better. thanks for askin' :)
    wags, bailey unleashed

  23. OMD, we missed you so much, Ruby!! Hope your ma feels much better soon!!!

    Momo & Pinot xoxo

  24. Of course we missed you but we were not around either. Do you think everyone will figure out we snuck in a secret getaway? Anyway, we are off on vacation in 2 sleeps. So I will be backing at you from the northwest. Arooooo!

    Your loving Stud Muffin Who Also Had A Bath & Haircut & Stanley Eugene


  25. hello ruby its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am sorry to heer that yore mama wuz feeling poorly i am glad she is feeling better now!!! i am hoping to start feeling better too!!! ok bye


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