Thursday, April 13, 2017

Chewy 30-day Food Challenge

Hey puppers, kittehs, burdies and other anipals!

Miss Natalie, and the nice peeps at Chewy 
asked MOI if I wanted to try

Chewy's (VERY OWN)  NEW Human Grade Frozen Dog Food called


It comes frozen in it's own cooler, with Dry Ice!  very cool...hehehe
and with it's own scoop!
It is made with REAL foods, just like your peeps eat!
No fillers, no grains, no by-products...just FRESH STUFFS!

And, it comes in FOUR FLAVORS
Chicken, Pork, Turkey and Beef!
All you do is DEFROST it...really that is the hardest part...
WAITING......okays, THAT'S the hardest part.....sigh
Ma gots the smart idea to add some warm water to speed the defrosting...

Oooooo, smells YUMMERS!
Oh yeah!  that was DELISH puppers!
Then Ma put the bag back in the freezer, right next to her precious IScream!

Nows, this is the furst week, and I have found this food....


I wasn't sure at furst, cause I usually eats freeze dried foods on top of my kibbles.
Butts, I found this super yummy!

Um....I DID leave most of the carrots....I don't likes those in any form! hehehe

If you wants to check out

Chewy's VERY OWN 

NEW Human Grade Frozen Dog Food

I will post a couple more updates abouts my experience on this food....stay tuned!

(Disclaimer:  I was given a bag of this food to try and review.  All opinions and slobber are my own.  No green papers, or trips to Hawaii were given in exchange for my review.)


  1. That's funny that you pick around all the carrots. It will be interesting to see if you eat them by the end of your taste test.

  2. that was great to see how much you liked that fabulous food! any chance that your ma will maybe confuse the bag with her ice cream jar once ?
    Happy Good Friday

  3. Hari OM
    BOL oh you made a memory of Jade come up to my smile... all her life I tried putting carrots in her food; I grated them, I pulverized them, I boiled them to death in liver pilau (I hand made all her prepared foods and she also had raw diet - I never used commercial foodables for her other than treatz)... and all her life she managed to pull them free and deposit them beside the bowl. Except the pulverized ones. Those just meant she refused to eat whatever they were contaminating!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  4. I am sooooo drooling. This food looks so amazingly yummy, Ruby!

  5. We are doing the trial as well. My guys love it!

  6. Looks like the food ghostwriter made for Joey when he wouldn't eat.

  7. We are excited to hear how our friends like this food because Mom thought it would be a great topper for us. It looks like it is a paws up with you except for the carrots - we like raw carrots, so maybe we will like those too.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  8. We MIGHT just eat the carrots. If they're mixed in.

  9. We got the pork flavor and we love it - all of it!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  10. You know ... if you REALLY want to see if it's "human grade", see if your mom will take a few bites.
    Ha roo roo roo.

  11. Happy Easter Ruby and remember Easter is the only time of the year when it's perfectly safe to put all your eggs in one basket. Well maybe you need a plastic basket so it can hold some margaritas.
    Sweet William The Scot

  12. We aren't sure we would like the carrots either!

  13. That's some good stuff she found
    Lily & Edward

  14. I want the Tillamook I-scream.
    Ok well we can't eat ice cream
    everyday. Tylee's mom will have
    to remember that next time.
    xo Astro

  15. Happy Easter, Ruby.

    Aroo to you,

  16. That sounds like a great food. I hope that you enjoy it all (except those nasty carrots!).

  17. Bwahahahaha not eating your carrots Ruby...that's funny!What are you doing saving them for the Easter Bunny?xx Speedy

  18. Ruby I can surely understand leaving the carrots...or any color food. I don't like my food in technicolor either. Mom made a mistake once bought some kinda funky stew stuff. It had carrots and peas in it. I literally licked the cat food of each pieces of veggie managing not to eat a single green or orange morsel
    Hugs madi your bfff

  19. Save us the carrots! That looks super duper yummy! ☺

  20. We're doing this 30 day challenge too Ruby! All we can say so far is YUM-O!


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