Wednesday, January 4, 2017

December Chewy Review

I knows...I KNOWS!

What can I say?

Ma THOUGHT she did the postie, butts as USUAL 

she was wrong....

(plus, she's caught a cold for the holidays, so she's hyped up on cold meds....☺)


What did I gets to try??

Let me see! Let me see!

OMD, something smells....gooooooood!
It's a topper for your kibbles!

can't be too careful my furiends....

Ma was impressed with the bone-shaped pull tab, that truly WAS easy to open!
That's a big deal for Ma with her bad thumbs! BOL

Wowsa!  A scoop and everythings! 

Um, yeah......, I thinks I should gets MORE than THAT!
Did you even READ the feeding instructions??!  

Okays, so you'll have to bigify it to see, butts it says...
up to scoop
21-40lbs....two scoops

Since I'm like 60 (something) pounds, I should gets like 4 scoops, RIGHT??!!

Nows,  you can soften it with warm waters, or eats it dry like this
I likes it dry, cause I gots lots of SLOBBERS to wet it.......hehehe

oooooooo......this stuffs is gooooood!!!

Nows, if you wants to gets some  Stella & Chewy's SuperBlends for your own good self


I gives it FOUR PAWS UP!

I looooooved it!

Butts, it is kinda pricey, so Ma said that it'll just be a special treat now and again.

(Hey, I'll take what I can gets puppers!)

Thanks Ms. Sydney and Chewy!!!

disclaimer:   I was given a bag of these toppers to try, and give my honest opinion. No green papers or other stuffs were given for my review.  though, Ma did have her eye on a cute pair of shoes......☺


  1. Oh that is good stuff
    Lily & Edward

    1. It's important to give your dog a gift every now and then. I really spoiled my black lab on Christmas :)

      /Adam - The Doggy Institute

  2. I'll tell my mom to look into those for me!!!

  3. That looks yummy! But yes, you should totally get more scoops than that!

  4. We can tell you really liked that Ruby.

  5. Well, you know how much we loved the Stella & Chewy chicken patties, and Mom had the same problem with the price of those for bigger dogs:( But we are going to try to talk her into trying the superblends at least as a teasing topper:)

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  6. WE have never heard of THESE Toppers from STELLA and Chewy... They look GRRRREAT... BUTT we agree that You should have FOUR (4) Scoops... OMD we LOVE it when Mom Softens our Toppers... butt we can't Drool with the Gusto that YOU can.
    We are gonna have a talk with OUR MA to see if she will allow US to call CHEWY.COM and get some of these toppers .... since you say they are Truly Drool Worthy. THANKS Ruby...
    PeeS... hope your Ma is feeling MUCH better Now...

  7. Oh yum, yum Ruby, I is droooooooling at the yummy foodables.
    *sigh* now Mum's reminded me I can't get Chewy over here…, maybe you could have my share for me?????
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  8. I have to laugh. Three of us (at least) posted our December product review a tad late. Ahem! But even funnier, we all reviewed the same product and we all mentioned the easy-pull tab! Even my corgis would need the whole 3.5 oz bag for a full meal! They love it but it will remain a "treat".

    PS I think you are safe from the tree rats, they are vegetarians!

  9. We had these toppers in Duck, duck, goose and they are delish! I hope your Mom is all better now.

  10. Oh Ruby you lucky lady...Stella and Chewy's tasty foods?! So yummy!

  11. Oh boy, that looks like some nommy stuff!!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo
    PeeEss..We hope your Mama is feeling better!

  12. Looks yummy, Ruby! Hope you had a Merry Christmas and didn't drink to many margaritas bring in the New Year.

    Aroo to you,

  13. Yum! Nola eats that brand, freeze dried and frozen!

  14. freeze dried is yummy!!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  15. oh that looks fabulous... and I wish we had internet what can share the smell too...

  16. OMD, you're going to waste away with that piddly amount in your dish, Ruby! The topper looks soooooooo yummy!

  17. Ruby darlin' as they (no clue who they are but I'm cautious when I hear they are lurking) say better late than never and they also anything worth doing should be done WELL and gal you did this review very very WELL!. Mom says she'd buy it if the pull tab alone. So many packages require a secret code and a drip of blood to get in them.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  18. We reviewed those too! ...and our pups loved them! What a tasty treat for the pups.

    Monty, Harlow, and Ramble

  19. That looks SO TASTY!!!!! And guess what? My vet wants me to gain some weight. I should get like 87 scoops of this on my kibbles - right?!?
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  20. Mm those look yummy. Totally with you on the pull tab, that's genius. I hope your ma is feeling better! Our review was late too 'cause my mom was also sick. She's starting to feel better so maybe tonight I'll get some sleep instead of listening to her cough all night.

  21. Boy, you two have a great job. I wish we had a job like that And you do excellent reviews. We are putting them on our shopping list

  22. My math says that you should get 14 scoops ;) Great review!

  23. My sweet Boo, why is your ma being so cheap, ummmm . . . stingy . . . oh, thrifty with your portions? It takes some foodables to keep your beautiful ears and fabulous furs in such pawfect condition! So she says you weigh 60 something pounds? Let's see if I add my weight AND Stanley's weight I come up with . . . let me double check with a calculator . . . OK, well never mind that number. I love your womanly curves just fine! I will need to bark outside kinda early cuz it is so cold outside that mom says my skin could freeze. She doesn't know my secret though . . . I think of you and my blood runs hot through my body hee . . . hee . . . Oh wait, did your ma read that?

    Your Loving Stud Muffin & Tick Tack

    XOXOXOXO Cherry Bomb Furever!

  24. After this pawsome review, Humphrey thinks your Mom deserves those shoes she's eyeing!!! If you are getting the occasional special treat in your food, she deserves the occasional special treat for herself!!! ;)

  25. Oh send me some of that! I don't think we can buy it in Canada!
    Your Furend,
    Louis Dog Armstrong

  26. Ruby TROGM thanks you for the bday wishes. I inherited her rhythm but purrfected the twerking all by my lonesome. MOLMOL
    Wish we could share some cake with you
    Hugs madi your bfff

  27. MmmmmMmmmMMMMM! That looks SO good!
    Wyatt and Tegan

  28. That looks tasty! We were late in posting our December review too. And then for our November review, I totally furgots to include pix of the treat.


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