Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Update on My Funky Ear

Hey puppers, kittehs, burdies, and stalkers!


Ma had made my appointment for my vettie yesterday, and thought I could wait til today to see him.

My ear had other plans....

Last night, around 10pm, I started breathing funny, tilting my head, and panting.

Nope.  Can't wait.  

Must go to the ER Vettie now!

Ma puts on her pants (don't worries, she was wearing's not like she goes around the house in her undies or anythings....really.)

and off we went.  

I was panting and whining and thought we were gonna go to the park in the dark or somethings!


We're in luck!


Can you believes it???!!!

Yeah, neither could Ma!

She thought it was a joke or somethings!


You knows I am NEVER WITHOUT DRAMA.....

so, what did I do???


BOL!!!!  BOL!!!! BOL!!!!!

Take THAT you dirty vettie diet fiends!!! 


At furst, she thought I just pharted, cause she was trying to 'tare' the scale and not looking down...

then BLAM!


Oh man....sweet revenge....

Butts, I digress ....

They cleaned my ears, gave me pain injections and stuffs
and sent me home with ear medication.

Now, Ma already knew what my PAWSOME VETTIE Dr. Kafka had in mind, 

so she didn't use the drops, just waited til our appt. today.

At least I was able to make it through the night.

I wasn't happy though.  Nope.  Gave Ma the STINK EYE all nights....

This morning wasn't much better, butts help was on the horizon.

By noon, I was feeling good enough to eats some kibbles and drink some waters.


you still with me....this is looooong winded...☺


When it was time to leave for my appt. , I was SUPER DUPER HYPER!

Droolin' and barkin' and causing Ma to make all kinds of 'sigh' noises.

Hold on to your collars......WE WERE THE ONLY ONES THERE AGAIN!!!!

OMD, can you believes it?!

So, they took me into the back room


And Ma could hear the vettie tech wrastlin' with me to clean my ears
(pees:  I thinks I won two of the five rounds...☺)

The vettie puts this PAWSOME ear medication in my ears,
it lasts for 7 DAYS, and we go back next week for the second dose!

Here's the best part....Ma doesn't have to do anythings!!
with this med, you don't clean the ears during those seven days.

I have a new allergy med. that I'm sure some of you have been on

Apoquel   and I'm taking my Rovera for the inflammation.

So far, so good!

I was able to take naps, and eats and drinks and stop panting!

So, that is the drama of my ear.

I gots my paws crossed that this will work, and there are no surgicals in my future!!

Thanks BUNCHES for all the POTP!!!!

I thinks it's working....

87 milkbones for those still reading this.....


  1. Hope your ear are feelin all better soon!

    And poopin on da scale - BOL! Dat deserves a margarita!

  2. BOL!!! You are too funny Ruby...pooping on the scale...that will show them! :)

    SO glad that your ear is feeling better!! We are dealing with some issues too...I will have a Margarita in your honor today!

  3. We bet the vetties weren't as horrified over the poop accident as your ma was, Ruby. Our paws are crossed that your new ear meds work!

  4. Ruby I hope the magic med from your vet will chase that pain-devils away... I'm glad you hadn't to wait and the dogtors could help you immediately.... no worries about the poop-scale... I see it as a anti-die-t statement too :o)

  5. we are so sorry we missed your ear problems earlier ruby but we are happy that you are feeling so much better!
    stella rose

  6. Wow, that sounds like lots of drama! No ear cleaning for 7 days sounds like heaven, though. I hope this new med works!

  7. We will keep our paws crossed for you. Good thing we read to the end so we can collect some of those milkbones.

  8. OHHHHHHHHHHHH NO Ruby an emergency VET trip is always scary...thank goodness you have a very observant and loving mom who can get dressed in a New York Second.
    Holy Moly thank goodness for getting the pain undercontrol until you could get to your VET. WTG pooped on the scale...guess you showed them. MOL
    I hope your vet gave you permission to drink all the margaritas you want AND NOT share with your Ma!..
    Bless you little heart purrs and kitty kisses this does the trick. I once had a tummy issue went to from vet more in 2 weeks than I had been in all my 13 years. Finally the time released shot (kinda like your 7 day meds) did the trick. Mom said the stress of having to give me meds 3 times a day was not helping the tummy and same with your ears the stress of being corralled in a choke hold for drops was surely stressful
    Hugs madi your bfff

  9. OMD...We can't believe all the craziness you had to go through to get your ears feeling better!! You and your Mama deserve tons of margaritas for this one!!

    Arty takes Apoquel every day for all my allergies too and it really helps!! We have our paws crossed that your ear meds finally heal up your ear!!
    Dory, JAkey, Arty & Bilbo

  10. Kyla used to piddle on the vet's scale. Whaddya mean Ma has to do nothing? You must have the only vet in the world where she doesn't have to pay the bill.

  11. That funky ear sure likes to cause problems for you and your Mom, Ruby. We are really hoping this new medication helps fix that ear for good!!! Lightning was shaking his head a lot this morning and twitching his ears, so Mom gave them a dose of ear wash solution. He seems better now so maybe it was just a bug or maybe a piece of dirt. Hopefully she is right. Good luck with the meds.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  12. Ha, pooping on the scales- that's the funniest thing we ever heard!
    Your poor ear Ruby. We hope it is feeling better soon and glad that the medicine is working it's magic.
    Elliot x

  13. Way to go girl - pooping on the scales! Bailey must have got the same medication a few weeks ago. He had a yeast infection and the vet put some stuff in his ear and said to leave it alone for a week. Hope it works for you
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  14. Oh my goodness Ruby you poor baby. That is first paw trama that you have been through. Hope everything works out for you. One thing tho, why didn't you pop in the office the second time? Paws crossed for you
    Lily & Edward

  15. Where da milk bones? I no sees da milk bones? Where..Where??? Ok...dey be on da way...I understand! You POOPED on da dogter's scale! BOL Can't get better den dat! :)
    Seriously....still sendin' more POTP fur your funky ear!

  16. That is great news! Well.... I mean the important part. Sorry about having to go to the ER, but ha roo roo roo about pooping on the scale!
    We'll continue to pray for you, Ruby! We're glad those magic drops last for 7 days! That makes things easier for you AND your mama!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher
    PS: Please send our treats to: Mags and Cam, Ao4 Headquarters, near the Kansas Ocean, USA. Thanks!!!

  17. We've used that long lasting ear medication too. It works great! Hope your ear feels better soon. Oh, not to speak ill of my dearly departed brother, Joey dog, but the last time he was at the vet, he peed all over the floor and ghostwriter's shoe too!

  18. Thank goodness you are going to be ok.
    I was getting scared when you pooped on the scale.
    Good thing your ma is a smart cookie.
    I like you give treats to your readers. Yummoooooo
    xo Astro

  19. Can't believe you pooed on the scale...I'll have to try that!
    Louis Dog Armstrong

  20. reading that you pooped on the scale has us ROTFL! OMD. classic.
    we hope your ear likes this medicine and you are feeling some relief now. paws crossed.
    wags, bailey unleashed

  21. Oh Ruby, we have so been there and done that. Daddy had to carry me inside from the backyard when I went out to pee one night. I hurt so bad that I just laid down in the yard shaking. I have also had the 7 day ear medication. We are all so very sorry for you having to deal with this. ♥ ♥ ♥ P.S. Way to go with the POOP! BOL BOL BOL!!

  22. Pooping on the scale! Way to go, Ruby! Why haven't I thought of that? And, just for the record, I'm surprised my little sister hasn't done it . . . yet. I hope your ear meds are working, and I'm glad your Ma doesn't have to do anything for seven days. Let's face it, she's been through enough with that scale-poop incident.

  23. lets blame it on the stress of the vets! hehe


  24. Yay for the magical regular vet, but the ER vet got you thru the night…POTP to you. And you have my respect Ruby for a most imaginative way of thanking them - I mean your poops are precious, look how your mama picks each one up so carefully. Thanks for the 87 milk bones, took me 87 seconds to eat them all. Your pal, Toby

  25. Oh my goodness, what an ordeal you've been through! I think you deserve 87 milk bones yourself for making it through all that. Glad to read that you seem to be doing better.

  26. Morgan used to poop on the exam table because she got really nervous. Mom started taking her along when anyone else had an appointment. That way she got a treat without getting poked ad she learned to relax.

    Monty used to have awful eat problems. He was always getting medicine in his ears. He also had surgery three times on his ears and they were still never right.


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