Friday, February 5, 2016

Flower Friday

Hey puppers, kittehs, and bunnies!

I knows what you're thinkin'.....

"Ruby, have you gone and lost your last marble???!  It's February...there ain't no flowers in Feb.!!"
(HEY!  I heard some of you sayin' I marinated my LAST MARBLE ages ago!!!  Not funny!)

Wells, that's what you thinks!

And, I gots proof!

Kerazy right?!

Wells, it's gonna be in the mid 70's all week too!

Pawfect weather for the


That's right, the Super Bowl is HERE in our Silicon Valley this year!

I could hop the Light Rail to Levi's Stadium, butts alas, they don't allow doggies on! 


With the weather so FABulous, I don't thinks anyone is gonna wanna leave! 

Wells, I could always rent out my TUNNEL on AireBnB! hehehehe

AireScent, no extra charge......

pees:   for all of you who tried to view my most FABulous video yesterday,
Ma gots it straightened out...apparently the music on the JibJab video is copyright protected, so it can't be used publicly.  The poopheads at Sony said 'NO, NO'  to me posting it. pfffft!
So...Ma deleted the music and added some freebie music instead.
Not as cool, butts my furs are still HAWT! 

to watch it


  1. We already got daffydills bloomin in our nayborhood!

  2. Email me. Love the Bay Area. Hate Levi's stadium.


    1. Well, Kismet can just fly over the stadium and see all the exciting plays..........................

      My Mom Peep was raised in SF and went to CAL Berkeley.

      But her Peeps' family had season tickets to 48ers since they were first started at Kezar Stadium in SF. The ancestors got the tickets because they were neighbors of the Morabitos who formed the 49ers. Then to Candlestick. She had GREAT seats on the 50 yard line and 13 rows from the field. The family was always there, even when the team was really, really rotten. THEN THEY DECIDED TO BUILD LEVI AND WANTED TO CHARGE MY MOM Peep $160,000 - YES, YOU GOT THAT RIGHT $80,000 per seat for the rights to then buy the over priced tickets (with the inflated price only guaranteed for the first few years). Mom peep after about 70 seasons of family support for the team had to give up her rights to NOT buy two tickets. Even though we are in AZ, it does hurt our family and there is nothing to pass along to the new family members as original season tickets holders. Everyone beware of New Stadium builds unless you are corporate.

  3. Those flowers are very nice. I wonder if Tegan(blushing) would like them??

    Ziggy Out!!

  4. Beautiful flowers with a beautiful girl,pawsome!xx Speedy

  5. Your flowers are fabulous. We have flowers butt it IS summer here...BOL! We love your AireB&B...we'd come.

  6. You're not allowed on trains!!!! What???? But that's sooo unfair, you get loads of fuss and luffs on trains (bit light in treats though)
    I haf to ask...... Are marinaded marbles tasty?
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  7. Your flowers are so beautiful, Ruby. Our mom says much prettier than all of this white, white snow we're havin'. You and Murphy look fabbers on the dance floor together!

  8. that are great flowers... can you send me some for valentines day please? I sadly had to waste my pocket money for strategical tummy-stuffers :o)

  9. it is the same over the here too - Mom's roses are still flowering in the middle of winter !

  10. That video is very cute, you are quite the dancer! No flowers here, just snow.

  11. Pretty flowers like you, Ruby! Our winter has been very mild but can't find flowers.

    Momo & Pinot xo

  12. We never have flowers in February, except ones that are in a bouquet. We have to wait till spring. But we liked seeing your flowers. Thanks for sharing.

    That was some pretty cool dancing you all did on that video!

  13. Hi Boo! I have a most wonderful plan! Our mom is just endlessly whining about how snowy and cold it is here so I will tell her about your weather and see if we can all come to visit you via your magical tunnel! Now what I need is for you to measure your tunnel to make sure our mom will actually fit through it. It would be no good if she got stuck and you had to call 9-1-1 and have the firemans come cut her out. Bark at you tonight and we will work out the details! XOXOXOXO

    Your Stud Muffin and Sweet Loving Fiance WHo Misses You so Much That My Heart Aches and Stanley

    Cherry Bomb!

  14. Gorgeous flowers...there at your abode Ruby.
    OMCs the video is fantastic. You and Murphy have some serious moves and great foot work. You were rockin' that hot to trot pink wig.
    Hugs madi your bfff
    Murphy needs to shorten his signature to
    YSMaSLFWMYsMTMHA...gosh even that is a lot to write

  15. We've got flowers up here in the Northy North Humbldt County too!! Crazy-ness for sure!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  16. Dang, those sure are pretty flowers Ruby, we're ready for blooming season! Thanks for the POTP for Sister Precious, we appreciate it!!!

  17. We have had a lot of warm weather this winter - just crazy crazy. But the bitter cold is coming back next week so we guess it will be a while longer before we see any pretty flowers like yours. Hope you and Mom enjoy the game even if Mom's Alex Smith isn't there.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  18. Your flowers are so pretty. A breath of spring just like you! ☺ You and Murphy really know how to move your groove! BOL!


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