Wednesday, July 22, 2015

This and That.....

Hey puppers and kittehs!!

What up?!

Yes, I'm still here...Ma has been busy with peep stuffs


Not right...just not right....

Butts, as with most thingies,

KARMA steps in!
(No, not Kismet's 'Karma' the frog....the Buddhist Theory)

Ma SPRAINED her ankle!!!  


And, before you ask...

NO!  I did not leave my balls laying around like 


for Ma to step on, and twist her ankle!


Butts, that also meant....NO WALKIES!!!!!  


So Gpa had to give me my walkies the last couple of days......

which is okay, butts he doesn't let me sniff my peemail like Ma does!

So I am SO behind in the neighborhood gossip!

These are just some of Ma's zucchini's and a cucumber! 

See, I TRIED to tell her that Me eating the leaves HELPED the production!

(not that I'm admitting to that, mind you....)

These are Ma's burdies!  

She got them a couple of months ago after her 11yr old parakeet crossed the bridge.

Their names are Curry and Klay  (the 'Splash Brother's from the GS Warriors)

Klay is an Albino Parakeet!  Pretty cool!   Curry is an American Budgie!

I'm not allowed near them.

Something abouts me being a 'hyperbutt'....pffffft!


I thinks I'm insulted !

Anyhu,  hopefully Ma will gets her arse in gear and keep up with my bloggie

so I can keep you informed on all my adventures....

squirrel chasin'

treatie eatin'


margarita drinkin'

squirrel chasin'


margarita drinkin'

margarita drinkin'

(rinse and repeat)


  1. Oh no! But as a side note, your mom has a great pedicure.
    I hope she feels better soon!
    I just realized you guys are in California. We are heading there in January 2016!
    XXOO MaddiethePug and her mommy

  2. Goshes!! Your poor Ma's ankle is a hurtin,, but thank goodness not your fault. Thats the good thing!
    I hope she heals fast,,, so she can get on with walking with you!

    Those birdies are pretty,,, too bad your not supposed to go near them,.. but,,,, they look happy!
    You do too,

  3. Your poor Mama!!! At least she had some pretty pink toenails to go to the dogturs!!
    What pretty birdies!! Do they talk??
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  4. You got birds? Parrot family, even.

  5. Well....if she'd been paying attention to your blog, we're sure there wouldn't have been an accident.....don't know how that works....but sounds good. We think we might scare those birdies....

  6. Aunty Freya taught me squirrel chasing'd be soooo proud of me diving into bushes and running around barking, completely ignoring the peeps! I never knew what funs that could be!!!!
    Get well soon Ma, take care
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  7. We had to laugh at Maddie the Pug's comment about your mom's pedicure because we were thinking the exact same thing, Ruby! We hope her ankle feels better soon and you can get back to your active life!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  8. I hate it when mom's ditziness leads to "incidents" which interupt the lifestyle to which I have become accustomed!!! Now is probably a good time to find comfort in the blender. Rubyritas always cure what ails you!!

  9. those Moms - truly if you don't keep a watch on them they get themselves into all kinds of trouble. we love your 2 budgies (that is what aussies call them)

  10. Oh NOSE! Not the old sprained ankle.....You take care of her, Ruby! Now about those birdies....I smell dinner!


  11. Well, now that your momma can't do anything but sit around, that's pawfect for getting you caught up blogging!

  12. Well, now that your momma can't do anything but sit around, that's pawfect for getting you caught up blogging!

  13. Was mom chasin tree rats with you!
    Lily & Edward

  14. Sorry about the ankle! Speedy healing to you!

  15. We hope your mom doesn't have to be off her feet long. Is she any better? Some sprained ankles can be a real bugger! BUTT there is a way you can help her and get your walkies! They have this thingie called a scooter. It is made specifically for peeps who have broken legs and stuffs like that. Anyway, she can put one leg on it and walk with the other leg. BUTT this is how YOU can be most helpful. She can put BOTH legs on it and tie the leash to the handle and then YOU can pull her anyplace you, uh, oops, she wants to go! You can pull her all the way to my house (be careful on the downhill parts). And then me and you can cuddle and kiss, oops, I mean wait on her. OK, sound like a plan? XOXOXO See you under the stars unless you are at my door.

    Your Stud Muffin & Monkey Buns

    Cherry Bomb!

  16. Poor Mom - butt her toes looks good:) Mom would love to be able to grow nice veggies like those. Her ONE tomato plant looks good, but it is a slow ripening process:( ANd we have both been very good about leaving them alone. (we aren't crazy about tomatoes anyway:)

    Hope Mom's ankle heals (heels) quickly and you get back to regular walkies.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  17. This must have been the month for breaks and sprains, our grandpeep girl broke her collarbone doing her own invention of gymnastics on a stick and then our grandpeep boy (same family) broke his foot riding a bull on MOnday. We finks those kids need to start doing scrabble instead. Hopes your mom feels better real soon.
    stella rose

  18. I've heard of this 'Karma' thing before but have never seen it in action...serves your ma right for not doing her proper duty and attending to your blog! (Though, I DO hope that ankle gets better soon...for walkie purposes!)

  19. Hope Mom's ankle gets better soon!

  20. OH Ouch, dangit. Tell her be careful.
    Ya gotta watch how much Jose Cuervo goes into those margarita's.
    xo Cinnamon

  21. Ouchie! I hope that your mom feels better soon. give her a kiss and take advantage of her down time to catch up on belly rubs!

  22. I am sorry your Mom got a booboo foot. I hope she gets better soon. I hope you are not missing out on any treats or anything. I hope your snack jar is within reach so you don't have to rely on her for that. I bet you are taking real good care of her and she will be well soon. Mommy suggests you make her a "Rubyrita", that should help her to forget everything.

    Ziggy Out!!

  23. OMD...the drama of it all! We keep telling our mom that she'll do a lot better on 4 rather than 2 legs. Now about those new birdies - wanna know what we call them here in South Africa? The smaller one is known as a Budgie and the larger one, with the crest, is called a Cockatiel. Mom had both types growing up. She had a blue budgie named Peebles, and a green budgie named Timothy, and a yellow Cockatiel named Boston (who was epileptic and would periodically have a seizure and fall off his perch and then be fine again).
    We hope your mom's foot gets better soon.
    Wally & Sammy

  24. Had kind of the same thing 'ere Rubes.... NOW SHE HAS GOT OFF HER BUTT and is doing what she should be doing. Luvs to see yer again.
    Luvs Freya Rose Blossom, GET WELL SOON MOM X

  25. OH NO OUR MOM INJURED HER PAW...THERE SEEMS TO BE A RASH OF THAT GOING AROUND BLOGVILLE....W/K9s. Ruby I have a very serious question...does your mom lick her paw like the K9s do when their paw is injured. If so, ask Gpa to take a photo for us. Oh and my moms says your mom's toes are purrty. You have BIRDS? OMCs I would not be allowed near them either.
    Sending kitty kisses to your mom's injured paw.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  26. Your poor Mama... hope she is feeling better soon! Make sure you give her lotsa sloppy, wet kisses!

  27. Hi Ruby! Between your mom and my mom going AWOL on our all-important bloggies, I've really missed you! So, I believe you that your mom's ankle mishap had nothing to do with one of your ball landmines (really I do), but could it have had anything to do with a margarita or two? Maybe? Just asking. ;-)

  28. Oh no! A sprained ankle is no fun. My assistant had a bad fall a few years ago and sprained her ankle. Two years later it still bothers her sometimes. The new birdies are very cute!

  29. Let me gets this straight.....she is neglecting your bloggy, no walkies and you can't play with the birds?? She sound like my mom......Kill Joy!!!!!


  30. Not a sprained ankle. Ouch. Mom broke a little bone in her foot a while back. She tried to tell everyone it was a Ninja attack while she was in a hotel on a business trip, but I found out she kicked the dresser when she got out of bed in the dark.

    Heal fast so you can get those walkies Mom, Ruby's counting on ya.
    Abby Lab

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. Not a sprained ankle. Ouch. Mom broke a little bone in her foot a while back. She tried to tell everyone it was a Ninja attack while she was in a hotel on a business trip, but I found out she kicked the dresser when she got out of bed in the dark.

    Heal fast so you can get those walkies Mom, Ruby's counting on ya.
    Abby Lab

  33. Maybe your ma and my ma have been hanging out together cuz my ma has been neglecting my blog too! Time to hire new assistants, eh?


  34. Your Ma sure has her nails polished pretty. Why she has a second toe longer than her big toe ~ so does my Lee. Those who study such things say that indicates you Ma is a person who is the boss of the family, or that has been descended from Royalty, or that has Celtic origin. Is you Ma the boss???
    Hope her ankle heals fast so you can get back to reading pee mail.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  35. OH NO!!! I do hope Momma isn't still limping around!!!!!


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