Friday, June 5, 2015


OMD, puppers and kittehs...



THERE!  Do you see it????



I told that FRICKIN' tree rat to GET THE EFF OUTTA HERE!!

She said NO...WHAT???   See that???  It's hard to see, butts she built a NEST!!!


In MY tree!!!!

I'll be waitin' right here.....

she's gotta come down SOME TIME!!

pees: Ma's my-grains have been bad this week, so she's been neglectin' my bloggie!!  hopefully she'll be able to catch me up this weekend!


  1. OMD! NOT only a squirrel....but a whole NEST! AND we noticed that squirrel has laser VERY careful!

  2. A nest!!!!!! Nooooooooooo..... You stand guard, Ruby, and you'll get 'em.

    I hope your mom is improving. I know the pain - I've had a lot of it lately too.

  3. Oh my sweet Boo, are you okay? Have you gotten to it and deaded it yet? You will NOT believe what happened to me and Stanley!!!!!! We are posting it tomorrow!!!!!! You will fur sure want to read it right away so we hope your ma's mine grains are gone away. I will see you under the stars tonight! XOXOXOXO

    Your Stud Muffin who thinks of you with every waking thought and every breath I take who can't wait to see you again and sniff your furs and kiss your sweet lips, oops, sorry, is your ma there?

    And brudder Monkey Buns

    Cherry Bomb!

  4. Oh no Ruby, you got real troubles! What are you going to do?

    Aroo to you,

  5. OH NOSEs, tree rats!! I'm gettin' my gun!!! Paw crossed that your mom's my-grains get better soon!!!


  6. Oh no, doesn't a nest mean baby treerats??? And they grow up to be nasty treerats!!! Ruby, you need to call for reinforcements right away!!!

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  7. OMD-Kaci and I are suffering. There are ground squirrels underneath one of the peeps favorite cactus.The peeps won't let us dig 'em out.

  8. Hang on Ruby....this looks like the whole Police force may be required....I wiill be atanding by to bring them if you call!

    Top Cop Bites

  9. The very idea that a tree rat would dare to come so close to your plantation is...well as a lady I can't say what I am thinking. I have no doubt you will have this matter taken care of. I will be needed help with some vittles for the rodeo so when you catch it and dead it, send it on over please. I am thinking of letting Puddles drive my Chuck Wagon. What do you think??

    My Mom gets those bad head things too so she says don't worry about the blog and rest and get better.

    Loveys Sasha

  10. OMD!!! You've been invaded by tree rats and they had the nerve to build an apratment? WTD! THe nerve of those punks! Stay ever vigilant and if you need back-up, Pierre lives to chase them. I hope your mom's migraines go away. ♥

  11. We hope your Mama feels better soon Ruby!!!! In the meantime, Dory says she will hitch hike down there and help you out with that squirrel issue!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  12. We can't believe she had the nerve! Stay on her, Ruby!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  13. A nest means you is gonna has even more squirrels...and they will has more and then those babies will has babies...and you gets da picture. It will be likes a squirrel apocalypse. Oh gawd, i think i needs a drink.

    PS hopes your ma feels betters

  14. building a nest in YOUR tree in YOUR yard - what next she will become YOUR BFF ?

  15. Hari OM
    Yikes - right above your nose, a nest??? The cheek of the squirrel..................... is probably full of munchables... Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  16. oh you have a squatter-squirrel... well... if it builds a nest on YOUR tree it has to pay a rent, right?
    how about 87 milkbones per week?
    easy rider

  17. WE are sorry that your Ma is having the My Grains again. Those are AWFUL and we are sending her POTP.

    OMD OMD OUR EYES OUR EYES.... we can't belive it..... What an AWFUL HORRID thingy... how DARE that Evil Squirrel be in YOUR tree... and Making a NEST no less...
    It will be a Command center fur EVIL Stuffs.... OMD OMD We hope that you can Drive it away... Or Deaded it... and have it fur Supper... Or send it to Chef Sasha...

  18. Here, we will tell you exactly what to do. We discovered this secret weapon a few years ago when squirrels insisted on building a apartment complex in our silver maple tree: (You will love this, Ruby!) Blast it with the hose! Blast it on full power. Blast it often. Blast it late in the evening so the wet squirrel has to sleep outside in his cold, wet furs. Blast it early in the morning before Mr. Squirrel has his coffee. Blast it all day long so the squirrel just can't get comfy. Blast it every time Mr. Squirrel tries to rebuild. Blast it just for the fun of it! Bwahahahaha! Guaranteed results. This advice was brought to you by: THE DOUBLE DOGGIE HOMELAND SECURITY SYSTEM. Have fun!

  19. We have some terrible news for you. A tree rat built a nest in our tree, then she had two babies. They are the very terrible awful twin destructors. They raid the bird feeders, chew on the porch chairs and tap on the windows. We have to be on constant watch now to keep them under control. Good luck..

    Oh yeah, our Mom gets those headaches boomers too. She says taking magnesium and tumeric every day has made them less frequent.

  20. Hang in dar Ruby..... you'll get dat pesty tree rat when he comes down. Starve him out!

  21. Stay right there ~ No time out for Margaritaville ~ Do Not Pass Go ~ Go directly to jail if you don't un that squirrel out of your yard.
    If you fine anything that helps with the head pain let Lee know. Lee never ever had a headache till her vestibular demise last fall now she has them everyday.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Sct

  22. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH NO not tree rats. Murphy and Stanley had an episode too.
    I wish I new a cure for thing I know is the are most annoying especially when they sit at my back door shaking their bushy tails in my face.

    We sure hope your mom's head is better. Maybe a special Ruby Margarita would fix her right up!!
    Hugs madi your bfff

  23. Hope your mum's migraine will be much better soon.
    Aww, be nice Ruby, they are kind of cute.
    Dip and Elliot x

  24. Crikey Ruby ...... A NEST!!!!!! Does that mean babies?? You're in deep trouble, Rubes!!!!
    Poor Momma ....... I hope she's ok!!!!!! Those migraines are no fun, aye??

  25. OMD this is TERRIBLE! Sounds the out the troops! Get that thing outta there!

    I betcha those migraines of your Mom's are because of something this squirrel has done, too!!

  26. Do ya need me to come out to Cali and help ya??

  27. Hope your human is feeling better! And that you get those nasty buggers! I saw those evil eyes!!

  28. Eek! You better do something before it pulls the squatter's rights card!!

  29. Oh! My and looked at his EYES!!! Glad you guys are back :-) Golden Woofs

  30. That squirrel would not taste good at all,,,, so I HOPE you don't eat it!

  31. Got get it Ruby! Had a doozy of a my grain myself yesterday! Hope Ma is better!

  32. Oh my dog... This is not good. Call the police!


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