Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Vettie Wednesday

Oh puppers and kittehs, Ma tricked me this morning.

I THOUGHT  we were goin' for a truck ride ~ maybe to my park, butts....


To the vetties we went.


Those with sensitive stomachs should scroll past the next pic......

 Okay, maybe it doesn't look so bad here, butts trust me...


I got a NASTY rash on my thigh!!!  The vettie is pretty sure it's from fleas
I'm really allergic to those nasty buggers!

So, I'm on a new antihistimine/prednisone combo and an antibiotic for a couple of weeks.
and I gots a refill on my oral flea medication
(Ma let it run out...hence the rash....thanks Ma!)

Anyhu....  I've been noticing that all the 'in' doggies have been wearin' some cool collars lately, 

so I thought I should join in!

Can you say  FASHIONISTA??!! 

Oh, and the vettie wanted a ....

Whatcha gonna do with THAT???

You're gonna steal my PEE????? 

No way woman!!!

Just to show you my displeasure,  I'm not gonna pee for....

six hours!!!!!  


Well, after Ma


She took it to the vettie
(apparently,  they loves me THAT much!)

Oh, and now I am considered.......wait for it......


Holy CRAP!!!
(that was Ma...she's the one freakin' out about that)

So, along with that, I'm gettin' all my blood work done and make sure I'm as

FABulous on the inside, as I am on the outside!

So, after the vettie peeps stole my bloods, my pee, my nails,

most of Ma's green papers.....

I thinks it's time for a


WHO'S IN??? 


  1. Blogger ate your comment.

    Nasty day at the vets. Mama is taking good care of you though.

  2. OMD OMD the dogtor wanted your PEE??? What is up with THAT? Surely the Vettie doesn't THINK that they can try and read OUR PRIVATE PEE MAILS do they??? OMD this is SCARY.
    We are so sorry that you are having a REACTION to Somethingy. BUTT look at that totally Fashionable Neck Wear.
    THIS will make you feel better..... RUN over to see OTTO's Post... it is FUR YOU!!! Just sayin.
    Now don't go without leavin a Margarita fur ME.

  3. Me..Me...Me's In!!! Don't nose bout that vet of yours. Yell....THIEF!!!!

  4. A margarita sounds great right now Ruby!! hope your rashy clears up and you feel better soon
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  5. Oh MAN!! Seeing that view of your thigh, I need a margarita!!


  6. I headed over right now make my margarita a strong one!

    Aroo to you,

  7. We're in. We want a DOUBLE. Senior?? What's with that! And they can tell that just from your pee? Crazy! We're not givin' our pee to ANYONE!

    XXXOOO Bella Roxy & Dui

    Oh, we like salt on the rim...or SHE does.

  8. Senior? I'm a superSenior. Let's roll with a margarita.

  9. Shiloh'n Diva Shasta here - mom haz sed Shiloh IZA senior an'Diva Shasta will b a senior furry much soon BUTT nobody ever wanted our PEE so they cood tell us that. We agree with Frankie - duz your vet guy wanna find out 'boutz the pee-mail? Shure due hope that rash clearz up soon!
    S'n DS

  10. Yucky! How old are you? You don't look a day over 4!

  11. I fink ya deserve 2 margaritas for all dat!

  12. WooHoo...Margaritas!!
    We hope your rash goes away real soon!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  13. Count us in Ruby girl! Those vetties are something else!!! Hope that rashie heals and tell yer mom to put your meds in her calendar!!! That thing looks nasty!

  14. Oh no! I hope the rash isn't bothering you too much. I need to refill Beamer's flea and heartworm meds. I realized that when I took him on a hike and he was covered in mosquitoes. I hope he's ok!

    The collar looks FABULOUS on you and I bet you're the envy of all the dogs on the block. I can't believe you're a senior dog. You don't look a MINUTE past 2 years old.

    I bet your Human needed a margarita after seeing the vet bill, LOL :)

  15. you a senior?Never Ruby you are far to young and spritely for that!xx Speedy

  16. We're not sure that your new collar looks all that comfy, Ruby! We hope your rash goes away soon! Save a couple of margarita's for us!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  17. I would never thought you were a "senior" at all! Nice job on holding it for that long.

  18. It's all in the attitude Ruby - and your attitude is perfectly puppy !

  19. Oh Dear Ruby...bless your heart...join the Senior club with me. Before long we'll both received our Pet-i-care cards and the boy scouts will be holding the door for us. I have my annual Senior Check up either late this month or early July...
    Lots of hugs to you my Senior Friend

  20. Yikes flea allergies! Lamar gets those real bad. We like to use a tea tree oil shampoo and Chlorhexidine Gluconate rinse or shampoo. Sounds like you have it under control and will be swiftly on the mend!

  21. Rashes? Pee-stealing?! Senior?! What a day, should have TWO margaritas after all that! Maybe even THREE!

  22. that deserves a giant Maragarita, I agree. and I agree with your mom: Holy Crap! You are far away to be a Senior... probably the vet meant Senorita for the Margaritas :o) I hope the allergy disappears, I had one at the same place too, but it's a contact allergy from grasses. I've got a special shampoo (horrible, a bath!) named Douxo Pyo with chlorhexidine and it was gone within some days.

  23. ha ha - Tut always gets freaked out when the humans try to steal his pee. The nerve!!!

  24. OMD! You tell those vettie people that my valentine looks PAWFECTLY young like a pup!


  25. I don't believe for a minute you are a senior, Ruby! That vet must be wrong.

    From Blueberry: "I hope your rash goes away really soon. Now, your Ma may try to tell you this isn't true, but believe me, there's an old folk remedy that works really well on flea rashes. See, what your Ma has to do is go to the store and get you a Kobe steak. Then place the steak on your rash for 30 whole seconds, and then (here's the good part) she has to let you EAT that Kobe steak. It's a sure-fire cure! Honest! my human is telling me that I am like Pinocchio and something about my nose growing...not sure what that means but I sure hope you get that steak to cure you!"

  26. OK Ruby, maybe you need to come here and stay with us cuz doggies here don't get fleas. Yes, it's true. We never heard of a dog around here with fleas. It just is too dry for them! And YOU a SENIOR? Does this mean we can go to the buffet and get a discount? You are NOT that old!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  27. Oh you poor baby! Hope you will get rid of that rash soon
    Lily & Edward

  28. Count our Mom in. She says she needs one, or maybe more, after this week. We have a collar like that. It makes us look straight ahead which seems wrong.

  29. Oh dear that rash looks nasty. Hope it goes soon young Ruby.

  30. Gosh I can tell your rash is itching like crazy.
    I hate those nasty fleas too they bite my tail.
    Mom says it's 5 O`clock we can have a Margarita.

    xo Cinnamon

  31. hey, a margarita sounds great! make mine a double. i am a chihuahua, after all. BOL
    hope your rash heals up pronto.
    ole, bailey unleashed

  32. Ruby, you and Kyla are seriously ROCKING this new look!! Sorry to hear about the rash and the new title BUTT we think you're like a fiiiiiiiine South African just get better with age ;-)
    Wally & Sammy

  33. I hope that collar works. Will you tell us all how it works out?

    I love presenting dog pee to the vet. It feels so darn silly!!!!! You ain't no senior dog - your vet must be feeble-minded!

    Have a great weekend, and feel better soon!

  34. Oh poor sweet Ruby..itz ok...we iz seniors too...mum callz uz pensioner pupz...when the vet called me a senior I thought she thought I waz Spanish BOL BOL...hopes your bitey getz better..we haz never had a 12 bring the Margaret-ritas an come down under :) paw pats Forrest xxx

  35. Hey Ruby, Have your Mom email me at I have a question for her. Thanks.

  36. I think you need a new vet, did they seriously say you were senior!?! wtd??

  37. Poor Ruby, I'm sorry you gots a rash. Hopefully it's all healed up now.

    My boys are both considered seniors now too. Makes me sad, because I still think of them as young pups.


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